The Obakki Foundation is the charitable counterpart of Obakki and our approach to philanthropy is simple⁠—we believe in people. Our programs are focused around clean water access, educational initiatives and economic empowerment programs in vulnerable areas of Africa. Our work in the field is as diverse as the humans it benefits because we believe opportunity comes in many forms.

With the Obakki fashion brand and angel investors absorbing all administrative costs, 100% of contributions to the Obakki Foundation go directly to our programs. In addition to individual donations, we generate revenue through the sale of a thoughtfully curated collection of apparel and homewares.

Our Scarves 4 Water program assigns one scarf colour per community and, when we sell 500 of them, we drill a well that brings clean water to thousands of people.

The Essentials Collection consists of wardrobe basics (like the perfect T-shirt) that provide the basics of life—food, water, shelter, education, and medical care—to those in immediate need.

In Bidi Bidi⁠—the world’s largest refugee settlement, in Uganda⁠—we’re providing livelihood training, such as tailoring and beekeeping, as well as economic opportunities for women who endured horrific trauma while escaping civil war. We’ve also partnered with like-minded artists who share our philosophy of hope and change to bring you ‘The Story of Us’ Collection, which helps the women of Bidi Bidi invest in their own future.

We empower people to transform their circumstances. By identifying gaps and strategically investing in sustainable solutions, we’re facilitating real change.

Whether it’s an idea, an individual, a school or an entire community—The Obakki Foundation invests in what is possible. So far, we’ve helped close to 3 million people (and we’re just getting started).