Hand-Dyed Indigo Tablecloth | Large

Hand-Dyed Indigo Tablecloth | Large


These striking indigo tablecloths are the perfect way to dress up your dining room. A rich blend of cotton and linen, every piece is hand-dyed and each one in unique.

The ancient art of traditional indigo dyeing has played an integral role in the culture and traditions of West Africa for centuries. The Obakki Foundation collection of authentic indigo-dyed homewares, textiles, and scarves pay direct homage to the rich heritage of the people in these regions.

Sewing and natural dyeing represent ways for the women of Bidi Bidi to provide for themselves, which is why we’ve opened our first tailor shop and textile training facility in the heart of the refugee resettlement area.

"These authentically-dyed indigo pieces are a symbol of strength."


With our 100% model, all of the net proceeds from your purchase will go directly to helping the women of Bidi Bidi invest in their future.


100% Cotton

Hand-dyed authentic indigo

231cm x 140cm

Made in Canada

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