Aubergine Scarf
Aubergine Scarf
Aubergine Scarf
Aubergine Scarf
Aubergine Scarf
Aubergine Scarf
Aubergine Scarf
Aubergine Scarf

Aubergine Scarf


In Obojil, Uganda, good health is a luxury that few can afford.


With the only source of water being a filthy stream that takes over two hours to reach, residents are often sick, with babies and the elderly being particularly vulnerable to fatal disease. This is the only water they have for drinking, cooking, bathing and laundry.


The AUBERGINE scarf was selected to support Obojil and when we sell 500 of these limited edition scarves we’re able to drill a well. This brings clean water where none existed and changes every life in the community for the better. Clean water will have a positive impact on the people of Obojil for generations. Everyone will be healthier, happier and able to fulfill basic needs that we take for granted—and it all starts with clean water.


When you purchase our limited edition AUBERGINE scarf, you’ll be helping to transform lives in Obojil as you join a growing global community that is creating change in the world.

Stay connected to the people you are helping in Obojil by signing up to receive regular photos and updates directly from your village.

100% of net proceeds from the sale of these scarves go directly toward bringing water to Obojil.

Please share your purchase #scarves4water

"Many of us suffer from diseases like typhoid, intestinal worms. Drilling a new well, which we cannot afford as a community, will be a great stride towards transforming our community." -  Jenifer Anguko 


As you wear this scarf, remember its greater purpose.

Thanks to your support, this village will have access to clean water.

100% of the net proceeds will go toward our projects.


Lightweight modal blend scarf

65% rayon | 35% modal

Dimensions - 130 cm x 130 cm

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