Chunky Smooth Ring

Chunky Smooth Ring


Our debut collection of jewelry is made from 100% upcycled brass—discarded taps, padlocks, and old coins that would have otherwise ended up in the junkyard.

Sustainability is always our priority at Obakki, so we love the concept of taking something forgotten or discarded and transforming it into something beautiful and new.

Forged in the heart of Nairobi by a small co-op consisting of our artisan partners, Naomi and Sylvester, these designs are anchored in a strong sense of tradition. Hailing from a family of blacksmiths, Sylvester grew up watching with fascination as his father worked with metal to support their family. Now, as a father of five himself, Sylvester has carried this tradition forward—and we are honoured to introduce you to their handcrafted work.

The smooth finish on this gold-tone brass ring is complemented by its organic shape.


Made in Kenya from 100% upcycled brass.


25 g


The proceeds from the sale of every Obakki product goes toward covering the administrative costs for the Obakki Foundation so that we can make the largest impact possible with our philanthropic programs. 

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