Solid Perfume

Solid Perfume


Frazer Parfum is one of the few modern perfume houses to create truly organic and natural perfume products. All of the ingredients, including the beeswax and essential oils, are sourced locally in Namibia.


The fragrance is captured in a solid perfume beeswax, the most intimate way of engaging with fragrance. It is firm and sits like a balm on the skin, slowly warming and emitting scent. Discreet and subtle, warm and creamy.

Housed in a porcelain egg, uniquely hand-crafted in Cape Town—a keep-sake with tribal scarring relief, representing the tribal heritage of the women of Bidi Bidi. Convenient for nomadic life, it is perfectly suited for international travel and daytime application.

The unique scent marks the first ever use of omumbiri, a desert resin sourced from the arid Kunene desert, that has been harvested for centuries by the nomadic Himba tribe. The fragrance is golden and honeyed, with nutty caramel toffee complemented by notes from the local Mopane tree resin. Light to start, and warm throughout with a lasting amber trail.


Our solid perfume comes beautifully packaged in a custom indigo cloth pouch.


100% all natural and organic beeswax infused with Omumbiri essential oils.


The proceeds from the sale of every Obakki product goes toward covering the administrative costs for the Obakki Foundation so that we can make the largest impact possible with our philanthropic programs.

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